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Pyres of Lily Smoke (1 Viewer)

Bastardizing bandits roam these plains in packs
Leaking fate and despair from dilated eyes.

A madness blades their brains like whetstones
Scraping memories into details of history;

Those moments frozen behind their vision,
Seared into gray matter in black and white.

They bound these hills in marching file
As clouds, in decayed cotton, slink across the sun.

Their itching lobotomy aches in vain
For the scratch of an embracing ether

To feel again an untouched mind;
And frothing lips seek the blood of innocence;

Youthful tears to quench an insatiable thirst.
And they will have their victims cowed before them,

The cattle of Time sent to the feasting,
Then built up on pyres of lily smoke

To curl up into the sinking sun horizon;
Pink and terrible at the ending.

They will howl at their sacrifice to the World
And kiss the cheeks of the newly anointed.

And together, they will roam these plains in packs,
And consume it all in pyres of lily smoke.

Chesters Daughter

WF Veterans
Ooooh, I like this heaps. That first line is some hook and sounds awesome, as does many of the lines that follow. Love the vivid dark imagery. My only nit is the caps every line, it's distracting. My only suggestion is that I think it would benefit from more conventional stanzas, perhaps you would consider marrying some of the lines. As is, all that spacing is also distracting, at least to me, others may disagree. Much enjoyed, K9er, I'll be on the lookout for your future offerings.