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Friends of WF
They make their own wind to send children
out into the world
thrive in electrical storms
have their own force that pushes them
to emerge ready to be seen every morning
some can bend the mind
form miniature circles and amphitheaters
provide shelter and shade

and all the while we think of apples falling
an atom’s dance
and a cat that’s neither here nor there

while failing to see powers that create
as they feed on radioactive waste
and dream of one single forest again.


WF Veterans
I feel the poems you've written lately are almost like a prayer. Gratitude and wonder and respect for our magical earth and it's giving intention to always return to us. And within, a poignant, sad, cry to remember that all life needs love and nourishment. It is a beautiful poem, Danny.
Are your handprints in those ancient caves? I will bet that you were a Shaman in a past life.




Senior Member

I agree with both previous commentators.

What I find so appealing about this piece is the way in which the speaker articulates this concern for the planet and the nourishment that life needs, without feeling didactic. It’s as subtle as it is powerful.




Friends of WF
Thank you, Foxee and Syd. Yes that work blew me away, its a beautiful word and a beautiful thought. I feel finally, after all these years trying that maybe, just maybe, I am beginning to understand "the light touch".