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Publishing Resouces? (1 Viewer)

Cat Laurelle

Senior Member
I'm not sure where to even start with regards to trying to sell my first book? Does one need to be represented? Or get published, then shop for representation? Anyone? Or is there a big book of publishers like writers digest? that will list all of them by genre for me? Sorry, I'm serious but new, so really appreciate any direction anyone can give me.


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If it (your book/novel) is written and ready to go and you want to find a publisher, you have two main options:

Find an agent to represent you.
Seek a publisher on your own.

Many major publishers won't accept unsolicited manuscripts, thus, you need a reputable agent to submit to them.

A lot of it depends on genre and the publisher you're targeting. Most smaller publishers do not require an agent.

Each agent/publisher will have guidelines (in their website) on what they would like to see to begin with (such as query letter, first three chapters, synopsis, etc.).

Besides going to the library and finding what publishers are on the shelves (and reading the acknowedgements that sometimes thank the agent--thus giving you a name) and going back to search the internet for the agent/publisher, a couple of places to start/begin seeking publishers would be:

Duotrope's Digest (Duotrope Digest)
Ralan.com - Home Page (Ralan's Webstravaganza)

There are some books out there that list publishers. You could find one at your local library. They list the basic guidelines and website and description of what the market is looking for/insterested in.

Preditors & Editors (Preditors & Editors) may provide information on a publisher's reputation. It's important with any agent/publisher, that you check them out closely before submitting.

I do not know any good links right off hand with respect to agents. I'm sure someone else can chime in on agents and more about publishers.

Good luck.

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Cat Laurelle

Senior Member
I don't plan on sending in unsolicited most likley. I understand it's a waste of time. But what you describe sounds harder than it has to be. Maybe I'll just focus on finding a reputable agent in Portland, OR or nearby.