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Publishing a Video Game Reference Book (1 Viewer)

Hi everyone.

I've created a 369-page reference book about a popular video game series. The games have sold over 60 million copies worldwide, and dozens of books have been published on the series over the past 12 years. Because of other related properties I already own, I have some powerful marketing opportunities for this book, and have received licensing approval and support from the game series' creator (who has also agreed to write the book's forward).

In other words, I think I have all the makings of an attractive book offer, with one exception: I have no idea what to do next. The obvious publisher for the book is Prima Games, who has published a majority of the other books about this series. However, they're an imprint of Random House, which, of course, only talks with agents.

Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea how to find an appropriate agent for a book like this. Directories and Internet searches lead me to plenty of different names and companies of literary agents, though none that I believe would be at all interested or able to work with me. I have also tried tracking down the authors of the other books about this video game series to see who their agents were or how they got in touch with Prima, but none have responded to my messages.

Now, I'm at a dead end. I realize most of you here may not be familiar writing these kinds of books, but if you could share any advice, links, or contacts you have that may be able to help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
Wow. That is frigging impressive. May I ask what game series it's for?
I suppose since you've already gotten licensing and the series' creator's approval and assistance, your best bet might be to ask him to point you in the right direction. That could take a lot of potential stress out of the equation.
Hope that helps!
Hi Alyse, it's for the Gran Turismo series (driving/racing simulators).

I have since decided to self-publish this book, in both a physical format and an eBook that I can distribute and market on my own.