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publishers of black biographies? (1 Viewer)


You know how it is when you think you can quickly google a subject and get the answer quickly? I have been able to do that many times in the past but not this time. I have been trying to find out who publishes black biographies - books, that is - but have not had much success. I have also gone to the library and checked Writers Market and Literary Market Place but to little avail. I must be missing something. It seems the only sure way I have found who publishes that niche item is to individuallly check each and every one of the hundreds of publishing companies on the "biography" lists. I know that in this day and age there must be a better way. If you have any ideas, please let me know. Thanks. Ralph59.


To the best of my knowledge, no publisher publishes biographies of strictly one race because that can lead to claims that their business is racist, damaging their reputation.

If the subject you are writing about is interesting enough and you write a persuasive book proposal, they may decide to invest in your idea, and they may even send you an advance.


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probably the easiest way to find such is to do a search for 'black biography' on amazon and make a list of the publishers of same...


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Don't limit your target audience.

I wouldn't limit your search to race, or gender for that matter, specific publications only because you'll be limiting your final target audience and be doing yourself and the body of work an injustice. Writing is one mode of expression that has the ability to transcend race/gender barriers. I would focus on finding a publisher, even if a smaller or newer one, that has a good reputation among its peers and look at a sampling of the books they have published in the past and how they have promoted those books and their authors? Are they focused on quality signings, doing readings for groups, and are the ads respectful? Or do they resort to cheap tactics and theatrics to get the sale?

But if you wish to send your work to a publishing house that puts emphasis on promoting the works of african-american writers and african-american subjects, then check out amazon for existing biographies of african-americans, the famous and the not-so-famous. The names and locations of their publishing houses will be listed on the inside front cover. Find out what their submission guidelines are, i.e. do you have to have an agent, do you submit to a different address, do you submit the whole manuscript (if finished) or are you just in the proposal-writing stage.

Hope that helps. I wish you much success in placing your manuscript with a publisher.