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Just receive a my copy of the anthology "Who's Who in American Poetry 2021, Vol 1"
published by Eber & Wein. A poem a wrote for the April poem a day got published in this anthology.

Placing the Plentiful Tree

I was invited to write to you.
I am privileged to meet you.
Where pear grow in bounty
rows are found in the valley.
When the stones tumble
whole mountains rumble.

Wo wa, wo wi. in Chinese;
He who opens expanse – sees.
Where hard wind blows—
rock is so bare it shows.
Even the snowball gathers
snow as it rolls on its path.

Where dust settles slow,
layers soon follow.
Cows graze fields of grass,
abundance fills each glass.
With every, buzzing bee;
the hive makes combs for honey.