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Psychological horror/thriller (but not super horror-y) but feel good at the same time? (1 Viewer)


Is this possible?
I’m trying to write a story about a little girl who‘s trapped in a creepy place, filled with creepy people (so like a metaphor for the female life 😂, it’s fantasy though, the creepy peeps are more creepy creatures) and it’s kind of connected to the human mind, and also dreams, and also I’m kinda idea vomiting.
Sorry about this mess.
Anyways I want people to be able to feel this in their soul? If that makes sense? Because the ending and how the story plays out is supposed to be suspenseful and be a psychological thriller/horror, but also have a light feeling. Like it’s superrrr not realistic, but people can find themselves connecting to it?
And kind of (hopefully at least) feeling freer?
Idk if my point is getting across, but if it is could you let me know if you think it could be done?