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Proposal of Doom (1 Viewer)


Ack! I really need people's help!

I have dissertation proposal due in tomrrow (its not graded and nothing too huge) and I'm having trouble constructing it. This be the beast (all 89 words :lol: )

This dissertation will focus upon a broad sweeping view of the representation of liberated femininity within the discourse of science fantasy.
Its aims include the analysis of such imagery as true representation and whether or not embracing them is beneficial or detrimental to women who are looking to attain independence from patriarchal models of femininity.
Theses aims draw upon works from postmodern feminist perspectives such as those presented by Cixous and Irigaray. Underpinning these works and also the basis for the analysis will be Lacan’s work on feminine sexuality.

I'm happy with that at the moment, but I need to pad it out a bit more. I'm sure as hell I'd be better at this sort of thing if we'd actually been given guidance on it but I'm doing this from scratch and with virtually no experience under my belt.

Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted :D



Senior Member
all i can offer at the moment is that one cannot really 'focus upon' a 'broad, sweeping view' of anything... 'discuss' or 'examine' would work better and be possible...


Thanks, that sounds much better :D

Still haven't thought of much else to say really ... i think I'm going to leave it at that for now and then see if I get inspired tonight or tomorrow before I hand it in.