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Proceed identity. (1 Viewer)


Identity-The distinct personality of an individual regarded as a persisting entity; individuality.

It's always such a pain to think of a creative way to introduce yourself, well at least it is to me. I'll obsess, stress, tap my fingers against my chin. Then I'll start mumbling about how devilish the introduction thread is, and how it's the master plan of all evil. Tiny bumbs will break out on my skin, my mouth will fill with grit while an acrid taste will appear on my tongue. Beads of sweat fall down my forehead as squint at the blinking cursor. Oh how I hate the blinking cursor. Minutes fly by as music plays softly, till my mind reaches the point of c'est la vie. I'll grin while I type a mindless jumble, which turns out to be perfectly in accord to myself.

I tend to go by several names, my birthname along with my nicknames. You can call me what you will, I answer to appropriate proper nouns. :grin: I'm strange in the general sense, but rather similiar in the abstract. I adore writing with everything I have, and I come here to improve said writing.
Thank you for reading my introduction, I hope it amused you as much as I panicked about writing it.


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Olly Buckle

Always? Do you introduce yourself often? Still judging by the intro you have finally produced it is going to be good having you here, I just hope all your work doesnt take so much effort. Welcome in.


I've actually introduced myself a lot in the past year. For some odd reason school has demanded more of introductions of self than actual course work in the first couple classes. C= Thank you for your kind words of welcome!


Senior Member
Jolly good to have you here old Chap. One would hope your writing matches your introductions.

Good Day.