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Problems Equal Cash: Tip to get nonfiction ideas (1 Viewer)

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From "Creating Nonfiction Book Ideas That Sell"

Problems Equal Cash

This is an excellent area to find book ideas. Problems are everywhere.
From old problems to new problems, there will never be a lack of
problems in the world. New problems are born every day. If you can
tackle a tough problem and write a book that book solves the problem,
you could have a money maker. If you think about it, most nonfiction
books primarily are there to help people solve problems.

So, start keeping track of your day to day and big problems that you
can’t seem to tackle. Get out a piece of paper and start listing
your problems.

This is also a nice frame of mind to get in. Whenever you encounter a
problem, think of it as a potential money maker. Not all problems
will translate into a book. Sometimes problems are best solved by
inventions or new technologies. If you can come up with a cure to a
big nagging problem, you could strike it rich. Find a diet plan that is
guaranteed to work for everyone, and then you will strike it

Do you have some bad habits that you would like to get rid of? Chances
are someone else has those same annoying habits and would like to
get rid of them too. Conquer your bad habits and write about how you did it.
How about stuff that makes you angry or irritates you?

The next time a problem comes up, try to view it from a better perspective
one that could make you money. Not only will you handle your
problem with a better attitude you may come up with a best seller in the process.
What are your worries? What are your fears?

Perhaps you are a very happy person with a good attitude most of the time
and you drive others crazy with your constant happiness. You
can take note of other people’s problems and write about the cure to them.
Or, just share your secret to how you are happy so much.

Take a look at the books you have. How many of them are the solution to a
problem? Here is the magic formula: Problem + Book + Solution = Cash

Your book should be the cure to the problem. People with the same problem
will look at your book and think - If I buy this book, my problem will be solved.

When a problem surfaces take a step back and try to think of it from a different
perspective. Look at it as a blessing in disguise. If you are going to be unhappy,
at least be creatively unhappy and try to turn lemons into lemonade and then
sell the solution. It’s a win-win situation. You solve the problem, you help
others solve the problem, and you laugh all the way to the bank.