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(Probably) Useful Tip: Knowing the Lines Between Referencing and Rip Off (1 Viewer)

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Let this be a reminder to fellow newbie storywriters. You probably are already aware of this. If so, then you're good to go.

- Reference (or inspired-from)

Example: This is a story of undercover detective duo who to take down major drug lords. Their undercover lifestyle eventually drove them off path, becoming those they were blending with, owning the things that their previous job couldn't offer. While both are committed, the bond between these ex-detectives eventually cracks when one of them got a trust from a senior wiseguy within the gang.

The story takes Miami Vice, Scarface, and Donnie Brasco as references. Making art references from multiple works is normal (and naturally done even if you think you didn't).

- Homage

Example: On their first major success, the criminals got themselves a few tailored pastel suits. Then, they met up with their contact who delivered their classic sports car they bought off the black market. That day, they wore blue and white pastel suits, riding their new black sports car top-down, catching every eyes they crossed.

The blue and white pastel suits and black classic sports car scene is a homage to Crockett, Tubbs, and their Ferrari Daytona in Miami Vice.

- Making a reference

Example: "There was a legendary duo. Policemen, but really cool, y'know? Driving super car and sh*t. Not the fat type munching donuts speed-trapping."

Quote said by a fictional character above is making a reference to Crockett and Tubbs from Miami Vice.

- Rip Off

Example: Take any existing story, then change the names and locations.

This example is what I often see in visual art. Someone draws a character, presents an obvious copy of a published work out there, only with different name and yet they claimed it as 'original character'. It's not. :dread: Avoid this at all cost.

Feel free to improve this list. Thanks.
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