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Staff member

Fisheye moon stare down at me
from highest branch
in tallest tree.

Do you see man break apart
hear the crack of human heart?

I look up, but
you never blink
in paper sky of bluest ink.

Fisheye moon just stare at me.

From highest branch
in tallest tree.




Staff member
Always love your poetry. In this it's gentle yet heartbreaking. A simple yet elegant poem.

'Do you see man break apart
hear the crack of human heart?' yes, yes, I hear that crack---



WF Veterans
It really is heartbreaking...., and so lonely. I like the way there was air between the lines. I felt so much space and distance. Really well done, Cindy.


Staff member
Thank you, Bob. You are always kind and supportive with your praise. We are all hearing a collective crack in the human heart.

Sondra, to hear you say that you felt the emptiness expressed in this makes me feel like I captured a little piece of it in this one. Thank you.