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Prelude chapter one (1 Viewer)



PRELUDE: Chapter One

Pacific Coast Tambor Region Costa Rica

The waves lapped onto the shore rhythmically and soothing. A gentle breeze blew in off the coast, making the scattered palm trees sway slowly as if dancing with the wind. The white, sand beach contrasted
sharply with the clear, deep blue water. The serenity was broken by the sound of laughter and bare feet running in the sand.

A woman, tall, with flowing blonde hair, dark blue eyes, and wearing a conservative one-piece bathing suit was rapidly sprinting across the beach.

She furtively glanced back over her shoulder as she ran, her flowing tresses covering her face. She ran haphazardly, slowing down, speeding up, all the while throwing looks back over her shoulder at a yet unseen pursuer. Her lithe, tanned, legs pumping through the sand as she moved.

Stopping at a small pathway that cut through between the palms and slight underbrush, she leaned over and rested her hands on her thighs, her hair hanging down over her face, almost touching the sand, as she caught her breath.

From the corner of her eye, she caught movement. Turning her head in that direction, she saw her pursuer. Standing, she ran down the pathway and out of view.

The movement she saw rapidly materialized into a large built man, tanned, bare-chested, wearing swim trunks, and jogging with an underlying strength. His movements were fluid and seemingly effortless. He movements brought him to the sheltered path's entrance and he stopped. His chest slowly rising and falling from the exertion, a light sheen of perspiration visible on his exposed, tanned skin as he stopped.

He was tall, a little over six foot, short cropped brown hair, deep green eyes, a small scar above his right eyebrow. His build was not one of a weight lifter, but of a trained athlete, more definition than bulk. He walked around in a small circle, his hands on his hips, to cool down his muscles after the run. His bare feet softly crunching in the sand.

He stopped as he heard distant laughter from the pathway. Looking both directions up and down the deserted beach, he faced the beckoning lane.

Breaking into a slow jog, he entered the shaded grove and moved among the trees. The laughter grew louder as did the rumble of a waterfall. The way became wider as the trees thinned out to expose a small, rocky cliff with a waterfall flowing into a pool below it.

The water poured over the top of the cliff and into the secluded pool. The man stopped and looked around to find the direction, which the laughter had come from. He had stopped at the edge of the pool, his back to the path. A slight rustle of underbrush came from his right.

He started to turn when the woman, who had been hiding in the underbrush, thrust her shoulder into his side sending them both into the water. If he had not relaxed when he caught the movement, she would have bounced off his solid physique.

In mid air, he arced away from her and landed towards the middle of the pool. They both surfaced and faced each other. The woman, her hair plastered to her head, her blue eyes twinkling as she looked at the man treading water across from her. The man moved closer and took the woman in his arms. Their lips met passionately as they kissed and slowly bobbed in the water.

Finally their lips parted but they stayed tightly together.

"I love you." The woman said. The man hugged her tighter.

"I love you more." He replied back. The woman's eyes twinkled mischievously as one of her hands moved under the water and to the waistband of the man's trunks.

Her deft fingers reached inside and undid the drawstrings. The man pressed his lips to hers when he felt her hand trailing down his firm stomach. Suddenly, she ducked under the water and in one swift move, jerked the man's trunks completely off him.

She stayed underwater and swam a short distance away before surfacing and waving the trunks from one hand like a trophy. The man, who was now treading water, looked at her with a smirk. She leaped up out of the water and threw his wet trunks onto the shore. She sank down until just her nose and blue eyes were visibly above the water.

"That's cute." The man said as he begun to swim over to her.

The woman rolled over and started backstroking away from him, playfully giggling. The man increased his strokes with ease as he gained on her. She raised her head and saw him decreasing the distance, rolled over onto her stomach and dove under.

The man stopped and treaded water, looking around him for her to surface. A small trail of bubbles appeared behind him as she surfaced and quickly grabbed his head and pushed him under. They both re- surfaced and looked each other. She had a smile on her full lips and he had a grin on his face.

"I didn't think a SEAL could be surprised in their element.?


Wrting style for this story

Yes this is a nonfictional account but told as a narrative instead of a first person story. If the style needs to be changed, let me know, but I feel that constantly referring to the main character as I did this then did that tends to be monotonous. Originally it was written as a first person account but didn't read well when presented to others for review. The idea then changed to write it as it is now shown to have more of a novel feel to it and increase the overall reader base. Example, Casper Weinberger's memoirs not a really big hit, but write the same thing as a novel without a first person narrative and its an entire new story with real characers that can be 'fleshed' out and actions that be described from mutliple perspectives without sounding bias.