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Bonjour Tristesse- I have not. I did read her bio just now. Again, I thank god I've never had an addictive personality. Sounds like an interesting read. thank you.


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The Joys Of Lawn Mowing


First take a look at the video link below:

· ‘The Lawnmower Incident’

There once was a man named Simon whose motor mower had broken down. His wife Maria kept dropping hints about getting it fixed before the grass grew too tall. But the message wasn’t getting through. Simon kept procrastinating and putting off the repair of the mower.

In her frustration Maria one day had an idea for making her point. When Simon arrived home from work, she was sitting on the lawn and clipping it with a tiny pair of nail scissors.

Silently watching his wife
for a moment, Simon went into the house and after a few minutes appeared with a toothbrush. Handing it over to Maria, he said: ‘When you’ve finished cutting the grass, how about sweeping the pavement in front of our house?’

* * *



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Richard Sidey lives in Wanaka, New Zealand and earned a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design with Honors in Wellington. He has spent over a decade photographing the Polar Regions and various remote areas of natural interest working on Expedition Vessels. For his project ‘Speechless’ he has endeavoured to document scenes of outstanding natural beauty and interest through the eyes of a film-maker. Enjoy some fantastic photography of some far reaches of our world that few get to see by following the link below:

· ‘On Expedition’

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