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So I was in Barnes & Noble Saturday and I bought the “No Plot No Problem” book that accompanies novel writing month.

It starts with a retelling of the birth of nanowrimo. A 26 year old would be novelist with a shimmer in his eye and a few crazy friends.

The book is geared toward sadomasicists… oops. I mean procrastinators. Which I am.

I’ve found some good ideas through out the book. Has anyone else decided to read it? It’s short, and B&N has an easy peasy return policy. I plan to return it after the fact.

One suggestion I found helpful was to make a list of the things you think makes a good novel. Here is my list:

Fringe characters
Living outside society
Character driven
Blind siding clever plot turns. (Not necessarily twists or mystery)
Ending that come full circle
Haunted main characters (Not literally)
Realistic crime drama
Imaginative speculation
Near future settings
Political corruption
Blind justice (karma)
Physical Mental Emotional conditioning
Questioning reality
Gives meaning to life (literary type writing)
Hot women (fantasy femme fatale's)
Smart sophisticated women (also fantasy femme fatale's)
Tuff guys
Techno geeks
Violence (lots of it)
Love (lots of it)
Class wars
Characters pushed to their limits
Authority questioned
Normalcy questioned
Conservative and Liberal thought questioned
Novels that follow one character
Tension that builds
Reversals of fortune

I think that is about it. The point is to refer to your list during the course of your writing. With these things in mind you can write what you would consider the perfect novel. My list includes a few items that directly conflict. Such is life I guess.


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Such a list sounds like a great idea. Not only would it help with quality, but it should also be a good brainstorming tool to help with quantity. :)


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Thanks Ostrauder, I'm going to use that. Right now I'm trying to figure out a plot, so that will be of much use.



It’s my favorite also by a huge margin. My novel for November will be near future with a touch of cyberpunk. I wish I could speculate like a cyberpunk Arthur, but my writing gets cheesy when I do it.


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well at least you dont have school (im assuming) im in third year so i have the junior cert (BIG BIG BIG test at the end of the school year (although im not worried as it has no importance to life, but it gives you a rough idea of what will happen for the leaving cert which if you dont get enough points (outta 600) your screwed for life!...............fun)


Easy Peasy Return Policy

So... that's very cool that you intend to read the book and then return it for your full refund. I'm sure the author will appreciate it about as much as you will when you publish your first novel and find everyone treating Barnes & Noble like a library. Right? :D I know someone who did that with a prom dress. Be sure you don't spill coffee on it. Otherwise you might actually have to spend some money on a book. Wouldn't that suck?