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Post your funniest out-of-context sentences. (1 Viewer)


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Other than to warn people of the imminent danger that a fallen wrapper could bring, they were more nuisance than help.

Well, at least the rash has gone away.
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It took three days before I felt like getting up and around as a viable option, despite my heroic efforts to avoid a bed pan. Athena provided solicitous service the entire three days. She kept me fed with gourmet meals, had entertainment on hand, stayed available for any request, and assisted me on my painful forays to the loo. I couldn't ask for a better nurse, and there is no question I felt honored to be nursed by a premier goddess. Honored, even though she owed me. Big. I knew it. She knew it.

On the fourth day, I rose and held civil conversations again with my murderess. Do I sound bitter?