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As the title suggests, this thread is a place to post your blog (ie. Xanga, myspace, blogspot, etc.) The list below contains all that have posted here, and is arranged alphabetically. Note that some of these people may no longer visit WF and/or update their blog. I am not to be held responsible if such an event happens or has already.

Note: There is another, longer thread over here. I didn't know it existed back when I started this thread.

(List updated as of June 2006)
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Ahh, another Blog Listing.

Yeah, I noticed that there was another thread with the same purpose after making this one and having a few responses. I probably should have linked it on this one... Oh well.


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Alright, the list is updated and formatted now to be read easier. I also included a link to the other blog thread.
*InsertCoolNameHere* said:
Well actually, now I have a blog. At Xanga...yeah I suck.


have fun...careful I bite. Just have one post...hopefully I will update more often. To tell the truth, though, I had a blog quite some time ago at Blogger AND LJ gotta remeber my username for those sometime. Lol, just proves how little I update. Anyway careful angst located in the link above. Have fun.

rom the longer thread ^^^^.