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Post the worst songs...ever! (1 Viewer)

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Have you ever listened to a bad song and wanted to just throw a tomato at it? well now here's your chance (proverbially speaking of course). You can post your worst songs ever on this thread. Think of it as the funny pictures thread with noise, really bad noise.

A couple rules (We always have to have rules-Sheesh!). If the song is say less than family friendly please have a warning as such.

Also keep in mind that your garbage could be someone else's masterpiece so try to be a good sport about it. It is of course only personal opinions so keep that in mind.

And remember this is supposed to be fun.

And also any comments about your song of shame (or someone's else's song of shame) is absolutely encouraged as long as it is in fun.

And with that I shall inaugurate this thread with the inspiration that ...er... inspired this ...er... thread


Note the amazing vocal chords of Captain Kirk. He interprets classic songs nearly as well as Frank Sinatra.... NOT!

PS-Whoever did this video is even more demented than me :bomb:

Have fun gang :glee:


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I try not to listen to anything sung or played since mid 1955. Not even Beetles. I did like early Elvis before he started with R&R.


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The worst song ever made. Really.


Would you believe the original copy of the album goes for two thousand dollars? I kid you not.


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Undoubtedly the worst song of all time. I don't care what anyone says, this song is literally the bane of my existence, no one will convince me otherwise.


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