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Post Play Production Blues (2 Viewers)

Dear All,

For the last two weekends, my One Act Play "The Talents" has been a part of the Bakersfield Community Theatre 18th Annual One Act Festival.

It feels weird to be home on a Friday night.

Ever since the show closed, I have been sort of out of sorts, unmotivated. I am working to overcome that today - and tomorrow, too, I am sure!

With Love,



Senior Member
Great Scott! (sorry, couldn't resist) although you've probably heard it ad infinitum. but Great anyway. I don't know why you would feel unmotivated, you've just reached successful conclusion to months of hard work writing, editing, testing, getting accepted, re-writing, & working to get it on-stage in a form you're happy with, along the way arguing, discussing, instructing, talking, coffee meetings, late nights worrying, feelings of despair, excitement, fear of failure, flush of success, ... I've run out of breath just listing them all.

This is your time to sit & enjoy, watch the sunset, sip wine with friends & re-connect with the you who used to run your life before the obsession gripped you.

And one final time...
=D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>


Senior Member
brava!... a great accomplishment, to be sure... just rest on your laurels, lady, and let motivation wait!

love and hugs, maia