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I haven’t posted a selfie on here in a while. I haven’t done much of anything on here in a while. Life has been rough recently, but I’m working on myself and hoping that things start to straighten out soon. So here’s a selfie, WF. Judge it as you will.

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You're going to be a major villain in my next YGAT novel.

Possibly Spanish, or more likely French. An intellectual, former government official turned terrorist/fixer with an interests in amateur photography and popular anarchist art of the 30s, with particular emphasis on that of the Spanish Civil War.

Thanks for the inspiration!
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YGAT ? Free dictionary gives me 'Young gifted and talented', or 'Youth gun anti-violence task force.', neither seem likely.

A series I'm writing, three so far: Payload, Rolling Hunger, Floating Hunger. Just published FH around Christmas. Cutting edge zombie fiction at extremely reasonable rates (I get adverbs wholesale and pass the saving on to the reader).

The series is The Yard Gnome Action Team (YGAT Corporation), a silly name for serious books. A wise investment given the current pandemic and the liklihood of vaccines rushed into use without full testing.


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Helping my daughter with her cat adoption program by playing Santa Claus at a pet store.
If this isn't your next Christmas card you've missed the boat. Actually, put it out there for a stock photo and get royalties. This one is gold!

The series is The Yard Gnome Action Team (YGAT Corporation), a silly name for serious books.
Freaking brilliant. Love it.

Bruno Spatola

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How's my duck face?

Mama says I look like Eric Cartman if he lost a few pounds, but I say pish and waffle to these libellous remarks. She's lucky her lasagne is so damn good, as I'd easily be able to sway a High Court judge with my cherubic, cub-like innocence.


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I'll show you my face the day my books have become best sellers. If you want to see what I look like, you know what to do!

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