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I have sooooo many pictures of me smoking weed...

The Fantastical

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To quash any rumours that I might be a chick or something in a similar vein.
Also because I think a member here mistook me for my set on WF, which was kind of funny. xD

So yeah. This is me!


If it makes you feel any better I have (on other forums) been mistaken for a dude any number of times. Sometimes I haven't even correct them *evil grin*
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A Deplorable head.
FYI: I think my microwave has been hacked by the Feds. The foil protects me ;)

Good news. GE's CEO got on the horn to the WH, and microwaves have now been exonerated. May be a diversion though, as microwaves can not only listen in on your words and thoughts, but can also do a full body scan :rofl:

- as long as it isn't cooked brain :)

Ugh, brings to mind when I was young and visiting my mother in town. She was poor by the predominate culture's measure, and could only get cheaper foods. One thing I remember is fried pig brains for breakfast. But then when I was older, and in England for a short while, I wasn't fond of cucumber sandwiches and kippers either ;-)

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