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Woah! You okay there astro? It looks a little uncomfortable...

Jeeeze... did you actually sleep?

sweet dreams asfroannie.......

I did sleep. Pretty well. They attached a hose to that hole in front of my nose & mouth and pushed air at me. I'll know the official results in a week or so, but I did wake up once and had a hard time getting back to sleep. Otherwise it was actually more restful than I expected.

I did take my glasses off to sleep, though that was a complicated process.

My face needs moisturizing like I never believed possible, though. It's from the leads...they used alcohol to wash off the stickum. I highly recommend the dollar shave club's Dr. Carver's Repair Serum as a moisturizer. My face is so dry that it was stinging going on but I know I'll look reasonable for my son's court appearance tomorrow. It's recommended for guys to use for shave bumps and stuff, but I love it as a generic moisturizer. Compared to the price of feminine-branded serums, it's a steal, too. BTW, if anyone wants to try out Dollar Shave Club, I buy it for the court-appearing son (who is not an adult and therefore has no business subscribing to ANY service) and I recommend it. They do more than just razors and if you try a product and don't like it, they'll make it right.


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My Brother uses a CPAP machine, and he loves it.... he used to fall asleep, as soon as he sat down during the day, couldn't even watch a movie, without dozing off... now he has a lot more energy... ;)


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Because recent photos are always good to share:



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1222161656 (1).jpg
I ran 5.74 miles with 30 pounds of sand on my shoulders, a combination off road on road.
1120 feet of elevation to the top of the hill, the off road stuff was in 4 inches of crusty snow. I took this when I got to the top. I am training for the next winter time Spartan race in March.


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- but I also want to say something else:
Since you're a bit over 18 you've got to listen to your heart :)
Take your pulse from time to time during the training - rather a little less strain and a longer training period, than the opposite, that's the best.
Don't become too ambitious.
We don't want to loose you :)
I'm not saying something here you don't already know - just think about it - EACH TIME :hi:


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Thanks Bobo, the race in March is about 4 miles with 32 obstacles up a mountain slope, my run last night did not even have me breathing hard. I am training for what they call an ultra run on July 1st it is 50 miles of trail running. So in the scope of things my run last night was the preverbal walk in the park :}

I have written about some of my training and the Spartan Races if your interested in my blog located here http://www.writingforums.com/blogs/55642-Plasticweld

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