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Can't believe I missed some of those, they were great. Some of it reminds me of the art of my Aunt Mary Love (yes, Love was her middle name) who was not only a great graphic artist but had her own ad agency back in the 1940's-50's. She used to send us Christmas cards with her own art - lively humor - not sure if my mother kept them, unfortunately. She passed some thirty-odd years ago.


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Thanks both. Sorry, Tony. I don't have much of my mother's poetry. Reich, glad you liked my girlfriends.

Now, I fear I've derailed this thread so here is a Selfie

In time machine, back to the 1950's when I was in great demand.

1950 AD Laurie 2.jpg


The Fox
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Throwback to when I won the Worst Car award senior-year (image is quite pixellated, as its a picture taken of a physical photo, which in turn was a blown up version of the original photo in the yearbook -- photoception).

Yes, that is a boat tail-light where the original one used to be before I got in an accident. Drove it around like that for over a year. Dad's handiwork.

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