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are you at a country bus stop and were are the shops...

I actually live in the capital, together with the other 700,000 + residents. I live in, what you may call a suburb, periphery. That's the main street you're looking at and the bus leaves every half an hour. I need around 30 minutes to get to the center by public transportation, less if traveling by car. Our first shop is a few bus stops away, but it's too small; we have a shopping mall within 10 minutes of driving and we make most of our shopping there. There's also a flea market (from clothes to vegetables), and around four other supermarkets. Hospital is also around 10 minutes by car, around 30 to the next one. We don't have a lot of neighbors because a lot of people like to be closer to the center (fools), but I just love this nature surrounding me. Our street is not so busy, so our cat can safely cross the road (he won't cross it if he hears the noise of a vehicle approaching) to explore what's new in the neighborhood. Sometimes a roe deer scares him, so he just runs back home, waiting until it leaves. He used to battle a snake (not venomous, thank God), weasel and used to bring us wild rabbits because we're such a bad hunters :mrgreen: I wouldn't change it for a world.


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A dream come true!
I finally met a unicorn!

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