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Post a selfie! (1 Viewer)


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I'm sure you'll be gorgeous. You've got great facial structure and, honestly, if your selfie had just been your face I would've thought "girl." I'm just jealous of the curls because I've tried perms. My hair straightened as the chemicals were washed out.

Well thank you! And you say you're jealous now but curls are so high maintenance! lol

me with a goofy smile
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me pretending to be sexy
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Damn girl! Ain't no pretending there!

A chance to be narcissistic? Count me in!

Edit: Pidgeon - nice Lamb o' God t-shirt!

Thanks, I'm glad somebody caught it :p Is that Colorado behind you because it's gorgeous.


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Nicehair stormy. How did my image change you perseption of me?
You've morphed from a sweet little fairy princess into an intriguing young woman, certainly beautiful enough to retain the title of princess, but far too sexy to be a fairy. In short, you're more awesome than ever before~


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Well, we certainly do have some lovely members! I'm pretty surprised by some of them. Some of you look nothing like I imagined.

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