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Post a selfie! (1 Viewer)


WF Veterans
I'm surprised this hasn't been done yet, so lets get a photo thread started!

I want to put a face to the names of all our lovely members, so post a selfie!


WF Veterans
I wouldn't know how.

Step 1: Obtain a camera.
Step 2: Take picture of yourself in hopes that you could best Dave Watson above. (You wont. None of us will.)
Step 3: Upload picture to your computer.
Step 4: Log into WF.
Step 5: Go to this thread and scroll to the quick reply section.
Step 6: Click the image icon right between the red-X globe and the film icon.
Step 7: Switch to basic uploader.
Step 8: Click "browse" and find your picture.
Step 9: Click upload file.
Step 10: Click "post quick reply" once your image has appeared.
Step 11: Cry. Dave Watson is more beautiful.


WF Veterans
Don't know how to use a camera.
Don't know how to upload.
6 AND 7 I'm totally at a loss to comprehend as with 8AND 9.
11 i would probably do.

I'm sorry, this really is how i am.

Can't even watch the tv for same reasons, and it's no joke.


I notice that the one who started the thread hasn't pitched in. ;)

I have taken a grand total of zero selfies in my lifetime. In ten years' time, I will still have taken a grand total of zero selfies.


WF Veterans
it just so happens that I actually have a picture of you, Sam. How much money will you give me to keep it off this thread? :D


WF Veterans
15 posts in this thread and only one picture. At this rate this would have to be the longest thread on the entire forum just to get over a 100 selfies posted! :mrgreen:


Da Boss Emeritus
Doesn't have to be a selfie :D

Your thread title begs to disagree.
Yes - the title is pretty explicit.

Oh, and Sam, I also have a picture that claims to be of you ...

I don't have any selfies; I do have some pics of me - well, obviously, my current avatar and profile pics - but only one more recent than than the avatar.

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