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Pick Your Favorite Flash Fiction

  • Pluck

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  • The Burden

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  • The Bully

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  • Bully 2

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  • Neglect

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  • Stubborn Life

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  • Gratitude

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  • No Apologies

    Votes: 1 5.9%
  • The Encounter

    Votes: 1 5.9%
  • Dreams & Nightmares Served on a Plate

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  • Splish-Splosh Splash

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  • Mosquito Dream

    Votes: 6 35.3%
  • Bears and Ants

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  • Parade

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National Flash Fiction Day
June 26th

Leaving our apartments at the same moment, mine and my elderly neighbor’s objective was identical, the elevator down the hall.

In my hurriedness, I arrived first, pushing the down button three times.

She slowly toddled forward, pain at every step reflected in her aged countenance. I had trouble watching.

Ding, the carriage arrived. She didn’t seem to notice.

From inside the car I called out “should I hold?”, certain she’d say no, go ahead.

Instead, in a voice barely above a whisper, I heard “Yes, please.”

Stop and breathe, I thought, my need for haste must acquiesce to her pluck.
The Burden

He had been a prince then, lofted through life on a litter. They carried him into war, always raised. Protect the prince, was the order. But they resented him, until, being honourable at heart, he descended from his chair and joined them in a multitude of fearsome battles. Violent enemies they faced, arrayed beneath dismal storms. Legends spoke of blood-soaked lands, lives sundered, victories claimed.

Now his regal head sagged, as though under the weight of heavy knowledge. It doesn’t matter, his posture said. It doesn’t matter that you do what you do, for you are doomed all the same.
The Bully
99 words

I’d just turned ten when my bully found me at the local swimming hole. Laughing, he pushed me into the water. I stood up, scrambled back to shore.

“What’s the matter, squirt?” He said. “Can’t swim?” He jumped in and swam to the middle of the lake.

He waved at me. “Come on, squirt.”

He started thrashing about and yelling help. Was he kidding? He went under, I just stood there, transfixed on the spot. He went down again, didn’t come up. I knew I should run for help, but I just stood there, dripping wet, as he drowned.
BULLY 2, 100

Toward the swimming hole.

I thought to find girls to talk among.


Fat fool stands there alone on ledge again.

We feel sorry for the man - quivering at the step - ill-fitting shorts.

I approached, I placed my palm on his blubber.

‘Buddy,’ I said.

He slipped, squealed, I should say he hollered and scraped the belly off a rock.

I dived in next, caught an ankle inside that damn crevice of notoriety. You know about that. I never re-surfaced, only silhouette of a fat kid lasts forever. Wobble in his laughter telling my parents how I died.
96 words


Her nights were busy and painful as he slept. If he woke, he would call her back to him and keep her there with soft accusations of neglect.

Imperceptibly, the drawers and cupboards of her life emptied in sympathy with her night-time toils. His attention was focused inward as she withdrew.

One night, feeling the cold space in the bed beside him, he roared through the silent air for her to come.

Her coat was gone from the hook. Her car was gone from the yard. Searching for a reason, he found only empty shelves.
Stubborn Life
100 wds

The open window breathed summer on me. Late sunbeams painted the damask bedroom gold and trapped airborne dust in amber.

Gram had been waiting to die from 4pm to 8pm every day for four years. She lay under a crocheted coverlet white as her hair, eyes moving behind closed lids as we talked. Mama said Gram wasn't dying, only stubborn.

I told how I'd run Mama out of sugar to make ten dollars on lemonade.

Gram's laugh cracked dusty light along razor-sharp lines, separating into an explosion of golden-orange butterflies that filled the room, fluttering against face and arms. Alive.
Gratitude : Inspiration from Matchu's Bully 2

" I wanted to tell you, how proud I felt of you the other day, but had to slap you hard for the high admission fees of the other school " , mamma said; followed by confessions by my elder bully brother and my naughty friends.

"What the hell ! am I dead ? I too wanted to confess to all of them. "

"Arrrr!!!.. it was a dream."

At 2.am, I called him up on mobile "Hey!! I have to confess about something ". "I am not dying today, jerk !!", he replied and cut the call.
No Apologies
100 Words

The betrayal was apparent the moment she stepped into the room. The signs lingered in his fleeting glance her way, accompanied by the slightly too tight grip on the papers he held.

He wasn’t even sorry.

A word, muttered under irritated breath, slipped from her that would have gotten her grounded had she used it at the dinner table the night before.

She wasn’t sorry either.

“I asked you about this,” came her accusation as a paper was held before her.

“I know, but if I told even my daughter - it would hardly be a pop quiz, now would it?”
100 words

The Encounter

Ten days had been too long containing my excitement for a cosmetic indulgence. And now, vanity was moments away.

Entering the showroom, mirrors glistened, reflecting the street behind me. A hundred colorful eye glass frames dazzled the office wall.

Seated, a handsome, higher middle aged man sampled several pairs of dark rims. While admiring my new specs, I imagined a conversation. He, complimenting my new eye wear; I, graciously thanking him.

Suddenly, Mr. Handsome looked toward me. Mesmerized in my daydream, I walked straight into a full length mirror. Horrified, composure nonexistent, I watched Mr. Handsome drift past me, smiling.
Dreams and Nightmares Served on a Plate (100 words)

Lilith turned pale as a phantom as she came to the realization on who Shahara really was. She was terrified but needed to remain calm, the last thing she needed was wakening her to her real identity. She needed to warn the others.

“Mother, why are you afraid, I can sense your uneasiness and doubts concerning me. You need not fear me”

Lilith smiled, and gently touched her face. Tears welled in Lilith’s eyes as she knew that she needed to be destroyed.

“I’m fully awake. You disappoint me, your fear is your undoing. I’m now ending this dreary dream”.
Splish-splosh Splash (99 words)

Ice lies thick upon the pond and little Jack Puddlejump and friends giggle as they slide around on their bottoms. Jack spies a small puddle in the middle and true to his name, jumps up to make a splash. But there’s a catch. Puddle jumping on land is great fun and makes a huge splash, but puddles on ice make an even bigger one. Jack sploshes through the ice which is turning to slush and gurgles his surprise. A nearby tree root lunges through the sludge and slips itself around his midriff.

Jack grows up into a tree-hugging hippie.
Mosquito Dream (100 words)

I died in disgrace.

There is unfinished business, so I return…as a mosquito.

I move from swamp to puddle, and stay in the shadows because sunlight saps me.

My quest is simple. Unfaithful and selfish in life, I seek forgiveness.

There are no maps, but I know her smell. I weave in the wind… searching.

Many hours later, near exhaustion…

I see her! My love! My mourning wife!

She sits outside holding papers.

To get her attention I land on the papers.

"Bzzzz! Bzzzz!"

Success! Her hand rises in recogni…


She signs the insurance forms, ignoring the smudge.
Bears and Ants

‘Why do you always see problems as bears when they’re only ants?’ he asked curiously.
‘Have you ever studied ant behaviour?
She sighed.
‘If an ant discovers you asleep on the ground it’ll try and drag you back to its nest’.
‘Don’t be silly, it’s too tiny’.
She laughed.
‘It calls for reinforcements. Then problems, like ants, multiply and before you realise thousands of ants are marching through every orifice of your body. Ants will dismember you piece by piece, from the inside out. Never underestimate something based on its size. Bears are just bears and so are problems’.

In the moonlight my grandpa sat in a bath. My grandma was nowhere to be seen, on account of being dead ...

I went outside with a torch. Faces flashed past, heads bowed, like a paper parade.

A woman walked up and placed her hand upon my face. She asked who I lived with. We went inside.

'Grandpa, this is …'

The woman bobbed around, to see my grandpa's naked body rise from the brass tub, water dripping.

The parade continued. The moon hung above us. My grandpa languished in a bath half empty.
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