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The Poets' Showcase is a forum for poets of all levels of poetic skills to showcase their work in a more casual manner. It's for those poets not looking for heavy work-shopping or in depth critique but a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where they can share their completed work.

To encourage members to share their poetry in the Showcase we are relaxing the 10 post rule for our newest members. This is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the community rather than asking trivial questions in order to get 10 posts. So fill up the ink in your virtual pens and show us your poetry warts and all.

As for our bloggers, I'm sorry to say it's been a dead space as of late, so dust your poetry off and get it in the Showcase.

Come on in and show your stuff, don't fret, we'll treat your poetry as our own...

The Staff of WF

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