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Podcast seven is poetry heaven (1 Viewer)

Non Serviam

WF Veterans
Episode 7 logo.png

Yes indeed, I'm delighted to be able to announce episode #7 the writingforums.com poetry podcast!

Sound FX: alarm klaxons going off

Attention! attention! This podcast contains swear words!

I mean, a lot of it's about love, pain, and death. You know, the stuff that matters. But we don't do content warnings about things that could really affect you. The convention in the 21st century is that we do content warnings about things that happen every day, such as people swearing or having sex, but we can talk about murder and torture totally unannounced. Because that makes so much sense. Anyway, that's the convention and I'm told we have to stick to it in this case. So be warned! Swearing!

You can listen to the episode online <here>

Or if you'd rather, you can download it in .mp3 format <here>

Now I'm off to burn Mary Whitehouse in effigy.

Duude, by J-Mag Guthrie
Bittersweet Memory by Cran
How Does the Moon Revolve, by Jen Christie
Just One More Love Poem, by Ned Hayes
The Awakening, by Carole Hill
God Had an Idea, by Tim Murphy
Imagined Words from a Brave Man, by Sas Motown
The Vigil, by Cindy Adame
Twilight of thought by Cran
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WF Veterans
Nice podcast. It was great to hear the real voices of some of our members. I can only imagine some of the long distance charges. :lol:

Anyway, great job, NS, and great poems as well. :D


Retired Chief Media Manager
SUPERB!! Everything just gets better & better :) I love it! (and as a southern girl from the US of A, really digging the accent)


WF Veterans
I listened in my home office. I keep three monitors up on my desk (work; personal; poetry) so I don't miss a beat anywhere. It was great to be able to listen to poetry while I worked. Great job! sas


Staff member
What a treasure trove of talent-This was simply outstanding--each poem had its own personality and it was a pure treat to hear the voices of the poets. The MC was great, I felt I was listening to a version of masterpiece theater. Stuart you were simply a fun listen. A professional and inspired Podcast and I can only hope there will be many more to follow.



Staff member
I have listened to this at my kitchen table, my armchair, and my car, Stuart. I loved hearing the different members voices, it is almost like 'meeting' them.


Staff member
NS, the podcast is amazing, thank you so much.You are the perfect host! When I came up with the crazy idea of all the poets reading their own work what a challenge! You rose to it like a pro... thank you!

I would also like to thank all the participants for rising to the technical challenge... it was interesting to hear you read your own poems. Thank you!

Dare I say I look forward to the next one or will it send you screaming for the hills?


Staff member
It is fascinating to hear how freestyle poetry comes alive when the poet demonstrates just how their work should be expressed. :)

I hope we can look forward to lots more of these podcasts. Thanks to the whole team that brought this one together and a special thanks to Non Serviam for an awesome job.


WF Veterans
A mighty congrats and praise to all the readers and to PiP and NS for putting together this delightful podcast. I listened to it on my lunch break at work.

The direction that the podcast is going in is lovely and I'm happy to see it's potential on the rise. Everyone had such lovely voices. I commend you all for being bold and allowing yourselves to be heard.

It will be a treat when the next podcast arrives for our waiting ears.

A lovely, lovely job.


Senior Member
Brilliant job, everyone involved - Thank you very much.

listening to the various poets was fascinating - and kinda wonderful.

the podcast certainly highlights the transatlantic nature of WF
and, perhaps, it would be nice to hear some further-flung accents in future shows.



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... it was interesting to hear you read your own poems. Thank you!

Dare I say I look forward to the next one or will it send you screaming for the hills?

It was interesting to hear other's read their own poems and I do thank you sincerely! Don't ever ask me to read mine out loud 'cause I will run into the hills screaming!! I have a problem with my voice.

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