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Plotting the big final battle. (1 Viewer)


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I've given up on one draft of my project so far because I was unable to come up with a way to work out this problem in my story.

So we have the Evil Empire, going around doing evil empire things. But there is a secret afoot! The emperor's only son and heir to the throne has been secretly plotting to remove his father and his cronies from the government and end the evildoing. BUT! the Son's plot is exposed prematurely when his summer villa catches fire and now it is up to my Protagonist, the wife of the Emperor's only son, to make one last desperate push to oust the emperor and save her husband (and all the other people that were connected with the plot).

I haven't written quite far enough in this current draft to make this hiccup urgent, but as you can see, I only have the slimmest of wisps of ideas for how it'll all go down, so It'd be best to have something a bit more solid when I do get to it many chapters in the future.


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I don't know the intricacies of your story, so can't say much... but I have a suggestion.

Start with a bulleted list.
  • Armies approach each other.
  • Battle starts
  • Villains gain upper hand
  • Turning point
  • Battle ends
  • Evil doers vanquished.

Next, expand the list. What happens between armies approach and battle starts? Add more bullet points.
Then take the next two: What's between battle starts and villains getting the upper hand? Add more bullet points.
What happens between villains upper hand (darkest hour) and turning point? Add more bullet points.
You get the pattern.

Then go through your bullet list again and again, expanding by adding details between each one, until that part of your story if fleshed out.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Until you have it figured out.


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In the interest of getting feedback, I shall apply indianroads's suggestion with my current vague thoughts.

1. Summer villa burns down
2. The Princely family returns to the imperial compound
3. The Emperor discovers that the prince and his wife are trying to overthrow the theocracy and install a secular government.
4. ???
5. The wife of the prince kills/disables/removes the Emperor
6. ???
7. The so-called prophet is killed/disabled/removed.
8. ???
9. The Prince is saved and is installed as the new emperor and restores a secular government.

This is all I got so far. Any suggestions?