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plot i'm thinking about (1 Viewer)


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my brother and i are thinking about making an indie movie and we came up with this plot this morning.

Amy is a closet lesbian. Her best friend is a boy named Cory. They go to a high school graduation party and Amy gets into a conversation with an unpopular lesbian. Everyone starts calling her gay and she gets scared of herself and what others will think of her and storms out. Throughout the movie her friend Cory tries to be supportive and talk to her and stuff but she keeps blocking him out. Finally he gets angry and tells her he's fed up with trying. He tells her something influential which I haven't exacted worded yet but its something to the point of "Don't be afraid of what other people think. Be what you are and be proud of it." He stops coming around and she's left friendless. Throughout the movie the unpopular lesbian, Stephanie, has been calling Amy's cell phone but Amy either doesn't answer or hangs up quickly. Stephanie is interested in Amy but Amy is still scared of what she is. She has fallen into a state of self loathing. Finally, after losing Cory as a friend she is desperate and hopeless. She answers Stephanie's call and they hang out together. During the course of their night together Stephanie at one point tells her something to the effect of "Don't be afraid of what other people think. Be what you are and be proud of it." There is a scene which will symbolize her awaking and in the end she will have come to grips with her sexuality. The very brief act three opens with Amy at college. She runs into Stephanie and they both say "I didn't know you were going to this college." Stephanie is in 3 of Amy's 4 classes in that semester. After one class Stephanie approaches Amy and says "I see we're in classes together. Do you want to go to a diner and catch up?" to which Amy agree.


Anyone have any constructive criticisms or anything? I'd love to hear them.


I have a few scenes drawn out so far.


It sounds like a good story. I'd have to see more on it - like a draft or something, but so far I like the synopisis and your approach.


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Thank you for the feedback.

I'm working on scene by scene descriptions right now and plan to start the first draft sometime this weekend. I will surely post it once its done.
Its sounds like it would make a good film, but I’ skeptical to whether your going to turn it into a ‘lesbians run wild’ movie.


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haha thanks. I promise it won't be lesbians run wild. There is no onscreen "lesbian action." So it won't be lesbians run wild. It's more about self identity and accepting yourself.

Originally we were going to do a father who ignores his daughter and we were trying to think of a reason why. We decided that he's a conservative mayor in the city they live in and she's a lesbian. But then we changed that to a mother who works 2 jobs and kept her being gay.
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Montage of Graduation shots and party preparation shots for a party that Amy will be attending over credit roll.

Party Scene:
The party. Everyone is there because it’s a very happening place. One of the people there is a lesbian who is out. She is an outcast and everyone avoids her. Amy doesn’t realize that talking to her will kill your social life so they talk. Everyone starts being assholes and calling Amy a lesbian. Amy is a lesbian. She knows this but has not yet come to grips with it. Stephanie tells Amy not to overreacte. Amy panics that everyone thinks she is gay and storms out of the party.

Bedroom One:
Amy is crying in her bedroom. There is a knock on the door. It’s her best friend Cory who came to console her. They have a conversation through the bedroom door. She tells him she’s fine and asks him to leave. He says he’ll leave but will come back tomorrow. He leaves.

Amy comes downstairs and finds her mother in the kitchen. Her mom has made breakfast for them. Amy, still angry, burns her mom about always being at work and why’s she trying to start being a mom now. Her mother, angrily/defensively says she’s trying to help them survive now that their father is in Iraq. It’ll get better in December when he comes home. Amy says “whatever.” The mother gets angry and says “I have to go to work.” She leaves. Amy, pissed, shoves the bowl of cereal and it flies off the table. She screams fuck. She goes to make another bowl of cereal and finds theres no milk. She screams fuck again.

Grocery Store:
Amy goes the grocery store to buy milk. One of the workers was at the party the night before and keeps asking questions about what happened last night. She says I don’t want to talk about it. The phone rings. “I have to take this.” It’s Stephanie. “Trust me, its not as bad as you’re thinking it is.” Amy hangs up.

Breakfast 2:
Amy is sitting at the table eating her cereal when the doorbell rings.
She keeps eating. After about a minute someone comes around and knocks on the window. It’s Cory. He asks if she’s better. She says she never had a problem. He says “Then explain the running makeup.” She tells him to fuck off. He says “I just want to help.” She says “Do I look like I need your fucking help?” “Yes.” “Well I don’t.” There’s a pause. “Well, whenever you realize you do, call me.” She doesn’t respond. He leaves.

Phone Call:
Amy is writing when her cell phone rings. It’s her mom. She says “Hey, I have to work later than I thought I would so you’re going to have to make yourself dinner, Ok?” “Fine.” “I love you.” After a slight pause Amy hangs up. She goes back to writing. A few seconds later but not too long after the phone rings again. She answers. “Mom, I said it was fine.” “Is this Amy?” “Yes. Who is this?” “This is Stephanie. We met at the party.” Amy hangs up. She has a weird “what have I gotten myself into?“ face. The phone rings again. Same number. Amy doesn’t answer. Cut to black.

Bathroom One:
Amy wakes up to knocking on the door. Its her mother. She fell asleep in the bathroom. She stands up and opens the door. The mom asks what she’s doing in the bathroom. She tells her she raided her mom’s liquor cabinet. Her mom, concerned and feeling responsible, asks what’s wrong. Amy tells her nothing is wrong. Mom asks “why did you drink then?” Amy says “You’re never home.” She walks through the door past her mother. Her mother follows. “You know we’ve been over this.” “Going over something doesn’t fix it.” “Would you rather be on the street?” Amy closes the bedroom door.

Cory Fight:
Amy is laying on the couch when Cory walks in. She asks how he got in. He says the door was open. She says its impolite to come into a house without permission. He says it’s never been a problem before. She says things change. He asks why she’s been being such a reclusive bitch lately. She sits up. “Did you just call me a bitch?” “Yes. You’re being a bitch.” “How dare you?” “I come to. I offer to help you. I’m here for you. And you lie to me. You think I can’t tell when you’re lying? We’ve known each other for 13 years. You think I don’t realize you’re gay? Just talk to me.” “You asshole!” “What?!” “I’m not gay!” “You need to stop concerning yourself so much with what other people think! Start living your fucking life for yourself!” Amy fumingly stares at Cory. “Fuck this. Coming her was a mistake. You’re so fucking stubborn you won’t listen to anyone.” Cory gets up and leaves. Amy, enraged, follows him to the door, opens it and screams “Fuck you too asshole! I can’t believe I thought you were my friend.” Cory turns around and says “See that’s the problem. If you can’t open yourself up there’s no way you can ever have a true friend.” He turns and continues walking away. He turns back again. “One other thing. You shouldn’t take all your problems out on other people. Me and you’re mom, we’re both just trying to help.” She slams the door.

Amy and her mom are eating a late dinner. They converse but Amy is very short and angry.
“How’s summer?”
Eventually mom says she hasn’t seen Cory around lately, at least 2 weeks. She suggests Amy starts inviting other friends over or going out with other friends. Amy says “I don’t have other friends.” There is about 15 seconds of them eating in an awkward silence before it cuts to…

Amy’s Bedroom
Amy is laying on her bed. The phone rings.
Amy: Hello?
Stephanie: You’re not as alone as you think you are.
Amy hangs up the phone. She pauses for a second and then calls Cory.
Cory: Hello?
Amy: Cory? It’s Amy.
Cory: What do you want?
Amy: I need a friend.
Cory: Find another one.
Amy: I don’t have any others.
Cory: Stephanie wants to be your friend. Talk to her.
Amy: Cory, you’re the only person I trust. You’re the only person I’ve ever trusted. I don’t even trust myself anymore. I hate myself.
Cory: I was there for you and you just ignored me. I don’t care about you anymore.
Cory hangs up. Amy breaks down and cries. Finally, she calls Stephanie.
Stephanie: Amy?
Amy: I want to meet you.
Stephanie: What?
Amy: Meet me at the mall in an hour. Food court.
Stephanie: …ok…
Amy hangs up.

Amy, in hoodie and try to hide who she is, sits at a table in the food court. Stephanie sits down across from her. They have a long conversation and Steph says “You need to stop concerning yourself with what other people think. Live your life for yourself.”

This scene has no dialogue and has a song in the background. Amy is destroying all the things that link her to her past. Examples include clothes, posters, etc. Cut to black. The black remains for seconds until we hear birds chirping and a car door close.

Amy is standing in the parking lot. She looks completely different physically and her emotional vibe. She walks to the door where bumps into someone. She apologizes and then realizes she ran into Stephanie. Stephanie says “I didn’t know you were going to this college.” Amy says “yea, but I’m almost late for my class. Gotta run.” They hug, Amy whispers “Thank you” and runs inside.

Cut Scenes
Random shots of in college. Steph is in all of Amy’s classes. Stephanie walks over to Amy and says “I see we’re in classes together. Do you want to go to a diner and catch up?” “I’d love to.” They walk through the classroom door. A song starts and the it cuts to the end credits.


Personally, I think it's a bit weak. Amy is a lesbian, but is that the entire story? It might feel like nothing is happening. Some people like stories like this, though.