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tonight at work i got a plot idea for a musical.

its based on a short story my brother wrote about 4 years ago. i forget a lot of his elements thus i need to fill in a lot of gaps but here goes.

something bad happens to a radio host and she decides to kill herself. she goes on air one day and plays songs that relate to her/have influenced her heavily in life and has monologues about important events in her life. friends and family call in the show and try to convince her not to kill herself but she never listens. finally something big happens and she does kill herself.

the set will be a canvas which the host will be silhouetted behind. a live band will be on stage and they will perform the songs that she plays on the station. film will be integrated under her monologues so as she monologizes we see a visual representation of what is occurring.

i definately couldn't see this on broadway or anything but what do people think?




i don't really see this as a musical, because when you think of radio, it's someone sitting in a chair. also, if the person was serious about committing suicide why would the family and friends only call in? (usually people have a past issue with suicide)

i could see this as a play however, but then there's the problem of the music... i think you'd be forced to go into the persons life.
which leads to one fear... The Ladies Man (never saw it but it bombed at the theaters)


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plus, it would cost several not so small fortunes to acquire the use rights to a bunch of copyrighted songs... and i think only 'night mother' succeeded with a suicide of the mc as the ending...

getting something like this produced even in community theater would be nigh onto impossible, imo... mostly due to the cost of using the music...