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Plot for College of Witch Craft (1 Viewer)


Hello, this is a novel. I'm currently trying to work on, I appreciate any given feedback that is made for me.

Basil is 22 years old and has just got into the college of witchcraft. The college of witchcraft is like Hogwarts but has gone downhill. It's not a nice college to attend because there are numerous repairs that are needed to fix the college up to its former glory. Basil is learning to become a wizard and uses crusader guns instead of wands.


-Doesn't have a lot of money. He needs to win at a dueling tournament so he can afford to stay to go to college.
-Not the smartest, he got into the college because he couldn't get into anywhere else
-Socialable he has lots of friends

Main Plot:
Defeating the Attack Against Dragon Club (AAD).
AAD wants to kill all dragons
Basil wants to own a dragon but can't because the dragon club has made it illegal to do so.
-Making Dragons legal, so everyone can own one
-Basil gets a dragon, his dragon is killed, later is able to get another dragon from somewhere else.

Plot Twist:

Basil hated teachers Jasik and Telsa are actually good guys.
-Vex Basil favorite teacher is a bad guy

-He is favourite teacher at the school, getting his own office and get paid the most out of all the teachers
-has the biggest classes with the most students
  • is famous because he save Jasik's life, when in actuality he was trying to kill him
  • is secretly part of the AAD club but he doesn't tell anyone because he afraid of the other group
-is seen as being a hero when he is a coward.
-Arrogant, and brags about himself

Jasik (Background story)
-His family was killed by the Attack Dragon Club for owning a dragon
-His family house was burned down, as he watched in horror.
-Jasik doesn't know about this because his memory has been erased because the AAD didn't want him to seek revenge against them
-As a result of this Jasik is very moody and is always angry often taking out his frustrations onto Basil himself
-Jasik pushes everyone who tries to help away from him. Often people give up on him because they find that he is too difficult to be around.
-However, Jasik desires to be a part of the group. Making friends with the wrong type of people.
-Basil dislikes because Jasik partly because he was forced into his class (Because Vex class was overbooked because he is such a popular teacher)
-Jasik was homeschool which is why he lacks social skills, Mother was overprotective and overbearing. Not allowing him to go and socialize with other people.

-He own Dragons, joined the Attack Dragon club to be a spy and is trying to stop their criminal activities by alerting the authorities.
-He tries to stop people from joining the group and tries purposely to have people get kicked out of the club.


-Attack of Club is Defeated
-Jasik marries one of his students
-Basil marries a woman, and becomes one of the best wizards of all time.
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I see you have a lot planned out for your characters and drama, but do you have a solid idea for the world? Developing the world can be equally as important as developing the characters, since they as people would be shaped by the world around them.

Why did the school fall apart and what are they doing to fix it?

Why does the AAD hate dragons and how powerful of a group are they?

What do dragons mean to the world at large and how can Telsa manage to keep them in secret?

What challenges, threats, or benefits come from having a dragon?

K.S. Crooks

Senior Member
A few question to ponder to better frame your story:
How do other colleges compare to this one? Quality of facilities, staff, students, reputation, etc.
What is your time span for the novel? You have Basil entering college at the beginning of the story and have him married at the end. does this all happen within one year or does your story span several. It seems to be a lot for him, with no money and barely able to get into a college, to be getting married within the same year.
How does he care for a dragon if it's anything larger than a dog?
Why does the club hate dragons, yet Basil likes them?
What do the authorities of your world say about dragons and other matters involving magic?
Who is the head of the college and who is head of government?
What precisely make some teachers "good guys" and the other a "bad guy" vs them being nice and not nice?

Hope this helps.