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Pleased To Meet You (A Possible Side Story) (1 Viewer)

Virye Lerbern

Senior Member
Clearing his throat, Dante steps forward with a young girl at his side. Aside from her hot breath floating in the air like a mist, the expression on her face looked as if it were void of life. He cautiously took another step, the child staying firmly where she stood.

"Collette, we cannot stay here."

She said nothing but her eyes, when they darted up, said more than what her mouth could offer. Dante shivered slightly at those solid black orbs. He hated how she did that. He hated her. Ever since he met her, his already chaotic life grew worse with each passing day.

"We are under a contract," she said under her breath. Dante's thin lips drooped in visible disgust. Could she read his mind or was he that readable?

"Which is why we have to get out of here." He stated.

She turned her head away to stare at something. He sighed, his grip on her tiny hand loosening. There was no getting around it. He took a breath, the cold air filling his lungs made it possible for him to reinforce the idea to escape.

He bent down to look at her at eye level. This caused Collette to break contact to whatever she had been paying attention to. If they met under different circumstances, he would've still hated her. His dislike of children was as obvious as the sun peeking through the clouds right now. She leaned forward, making him uneasy with the light casting shadows over her face.

He gulped, "If we stay here those things will come after us."

"IF that were true then why have we not run into them yet?" She questioned.

"Precisely because we have been running." He sighed again, feeling more on edge being stationary out in the open like this. Dante ignored her piercing stare by continuing to speak. “It was a miracle we escaped from that horde of Zameyha. We can’t risk it if we ran into any AR’s or SR’s. It’ll make us look like fools.”

Collette’s petite hand rose to smack him across his face. It was her turn to feel disgusted. “You aren’t any closer to a man than a Ageless Revelator. It is you who’d look like a fool.”

He clenched his jaw, unable to contain the next words to utter out of his mouth. “As if you are any better! A little girl commits suicide because her parents couldn’t get her what she wanted! Threw a tantrum then decided it better to die than to live such a horrible life I bet!” His face flushed more with anger and frustration.

A small light came into existence in Collette's hand, so quickly in fact, that it took him a few seconds to register there was something sharp pressed dangerously close to his neck. Her eye’s swirled with an unusual color and turned her head upright as if she was staring at nothing more than a mere insect.

“Is that so?” She asked, her tone was poisonous as venom. “I will only clear your misunderstanding once. If you ever talk about my parents. I will kill you.”

Dante denied his urge to swallow in fear he’d cut himself with the scythe Collette kept over his bare skin. Carefully he whispered, “Then you’ll only be risking your life. You know the consequences if I die.”

Her face came closer to his, not relenting the weapon unless she saw fit. “My life ended when I took a Luger pistol to the head. I stole it from a Nazi officer after he tried to take me into custody. Can you imagine what it was like waking up in your room to your mother screaming at you to leave? Shoving money in your hands with a piece of paper to an address you could barely read because she had done so moments ago before a troop of those soldiers came raiding into your town? Instead of saving herself she scribbled this down."

She reached into the breast pocket of her coat to hold an old tethered piece of paper. Dante couldn't read German let alone the chicken scratch of the address written on it. He kept himself silent as he continued letting her finish speaking.

"My own father bought me time to escape. I watched him die in front of my own eyes. They shot him in the head. I saw the life spill out of his eyes as did the blood from his skull as they dragged him away like a useless toy on the ground. I couldn't tell you how long it took me to reach my destination without getting caught myself. I hid for several days in a basement of my parent’s friends house. Spoiled? Ha, you mock me yet you think your life was bad. Such impedance will get you killed if I don't do it first."

They didn't utter a single word for a solid minute. It was as if Collette was giving him time to choose his next words wisely which he did. She'd risk going insane by murdering him and this meant her threats were all the more dangerous.
Dante couldn’t help himself, he had to ask. “But you have blonde hair. You said it yourself when we met. You were born with blue eyes. Why did you resist?”

“I’d have rather died in the concentration camps with my mother than to have lived under Hitler’s idiotic ideals about perfect beings.” Collette turned away from him.

Dante scooped up a handful of snow to press on his neck. He felt sickened at himself from his previous accusations. “I’m sorry.” He muttered.

Another minute went by before either one spoke. Collette suddenly felt a chill.

“Apology accepted.” She said.

The sudden tenderness in her voice was alarming which caused him to raise his head to look at her. He half expected to see a smile but there was no emotion. She had returned to her old self and this only made the lump in his throat unbearable. Dante got up to his feet, brushing the flakes of snow off his coat, and inhaled the freezing air a couple times.

A few minutes had passed before Collette spoke up, “We should get going.”

“Why? Did you change your mind?” He nervously said after the sudden realization about the horde.

“No. It’s because I want to seek shelter at an inn,” She started walking in a different direction.

“Oh.” Was all he could manage to say.

She cleared her throat before adding, “And because I feel uncomfortable around you now.”

Dante hid his snort by turning it into a sneeze.

“Bless you.”

“Thanks.” He smiled down at her as she extended her hand out and took it in his. “Still a brat.”

“I am older you know-” She started but was interrupted. “I know. And I should respect my elders.”



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I like how the characters' dynamics was interesting. Like they were really people talking to each other in my head. It was very detailed, too. You kept me reading by dropping down details along the way instead of spilling it all out in one go. It keeps the mystery while providing gradual exposition. Although I don't know what you mean by this being a side story, writing-wise, it's pretty great.

Though I'm not sure if I'm nitpicking or if this really applies, but the continuing sentence after a dialogue must not be in capital letters (“I am older you know-” she started but was interrupted.) I don't really know if it should be that way or if it's even necessary. Besides that, I really enjoyed the read.

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