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Pleased to be here! (1 Viewer)

Hello, I have been one of those “lurk in the shadows” finally signed up and looking to be active. I’ve been writing for over a decade now for fun, but never published or even considered trying to be published.

The last year has been pretty tough, I spent most of it in lockdown and with a broken ankle. I’m here for motivation and tips, plus to meet some new folk with interesting stories to tell.


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Hi Jude and welcome to WF. We are a supportive group so perfect for people who are interested in becoming part of an active writing community rather than asking one-off questions then never to be seen again. :) You are welcome to share your work on our Fiction and/or Poetry Showcase offer feedback, and join discussions etc. Please pull up a chair and make yourself at home.

I can relate to the frustration and loneliness of lockdown as I had a total knee replacement operation in August and as I write this we are still in State of Emergency with no physical access to friends or family. It's been a long and lonely winter. I can honestly say, my creative spirit and online friends at WF have saved my sanity.

Do your prefer writing poetry or fiction?


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Welcome! :hi:

Yay, you finally took the plunge! The water's deep but it's warm and mostly shark-free :)

Seriously, I haven't seen a single shark since I joined.

There isn't even a shark emoji. What's up with that?

Anyway, have fun!
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Hey Jude welcome

You know... he probably gets a lot of that... so don't let him down, or sing a sad song...

Welcome to the best writers community on the web (IMO). Lots of friendly folks with tons of experience. This is a great place to relax and discuss our passion - writing, in all its various forms.

Regarding the ankle - that's one of the few thing's I've not broken. As a martial artist though, I've sprained them more times than I can count, so you have my sympathies.