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Please inform an administrator if your date of birth has changed?! (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
Well it is a forum for storytellers, so...

During the registration process, after the part where I put in my birthday, it told my to inform an administrator if my date of birth changed.


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What's storytelling if not bending the truth a little?

Welcome to the forum. Don't let the madness corrupt you.


We all have our secrets don't we? Hmmm... this gives me an idea for a story!


Senior Member
you're the second newcomer to notice that in my memory... or, at least the second to say something about it... speaks well for your observational abilities... ;-)


love and hugs, maia


Hi and welcome...thanks for the chuckle. Yes, I would like to change my birthday. Right now it's too close to Christmas so I only get half the presents. (okay, who am I kidding...I get none. HINT! My favorite color is red...)

I digress.

Welcome to WF!



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I saw that, but it's probably nothing, so don't worry about it until it happens to you. Could be just a technical problem, so they just advise members to tell an admin if it happens. Anyway welcome to the forums.


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Didn't you know? SHOULDN'T you know??

A varying birthday is a sign of impotence. People with kidney, liver, or heart disease should not take BirthdayRestore without thorough blood-testing.Talk to your forum doctor today if you have noticed any abnormalities in your birthday today.

Because that's how birthdays should be.
BirthdayRestore, putting your birthday in its place.


Senior Member
Pretty sure I'm not impotent, what with being female and all, but I could be wrong...

Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone.