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Playing with English's weird plural forms (1 Viewer)

What if the irregular plural forms in English were applied more universally?

The rooves of the hice were shingled in red tilren, lit by the rais of the setting sun. Telephone beeth stood on every corner, trash cen gleamed blue, and trees full of leople drooped low, with men and their spice chatting beneath. This was North Quarter, three milren from Lake Strange where the meese wandered.


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It bears some tertiary resemblance to Middle English (at least to my untrained eye).

Not to mine, I had to translate Chaucer's Nonnes Preestes Tale for an English Lit exam - I failed miserably.

[SIZE=-1]Heere bigynneth the Nonnes Preestes Tale of the Cok and Hen,
Chauntecleer and Pertelote


A povre wydwe, somdeel stape in age...
[FONT=HELVETICA, ARIEL, SANS_SERIF][SIZE=-1]Was whilom dwellyng in a narwe cotage,