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I'm not sure if it is or not. I do know for screenplays there is a certain format that you must follow. There are tons of books out there you can purchase/check out from the library.

I don't want to sound like an expert, because i'm not but from what I have read, in a screenplay you shouldn't go too much into the description, give camera angles, ect... Just basic directions and focus on the dialouge. That's what a shooting script is for.

Hope I could have been of some help.



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yes, jimmy, it's different... if you can afford $12, get argentini's 'elements of style for screenwriters'... there's a section in the back where he shows all the differences with samples of script elements... it'll be the best money you ever spent if you want to write either for stage or screen...

hugs, maia

ps: if you want one-on-one help, i've written both and mentor aspiring playwrights, as well as screenwriter wannabes and you can reach me at: m