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Plagiarism (1 Viewer)


Staff member
Since this Spring, a member with the handle "Meadlowlark" has been posting in the Poetry Showcase. It came to our attention yesterday that a considerable amount of the material posted was lifted from poets on a sub-Reddit. The author who reported the plagiarism satisfied me that he was indeed one of the authors who had been plagiarized.

Darren Unapproved all Meadlowlark's threads, and once we verified the accuracy of the report (Darren also researched it), I officially Pulled all the threads, and then Banned Meadlowlark.

This is a community of writers, and writers must respect ownership of each other's creative material. WritingForums.com has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy regarding plagiarism.

Guy Faukes

WF Veterans
Gotta love the internet where someone, somewhere, is taking work and thoughts of someone else and posting it in another place, either directly or off another copier.

Phil Istine

WF Veterans
It also causes one to wonder if work has been copied from this site, possibly even from workshops, to earn the thief plaudits elsewhere.