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Pinky and the Brain (1 Viewer)



My life is one giant episode of “Pinky and the Brain.” You know, that cartoon about two lab rats whose starkly juxtaposed personalities and intellectual capacity provide the show with every shred of plot development and comedy it contains. At the end of every single episode of “Pinky and the Brain” ever created, Pinky invariably asks Brain the seemingly innocuous, somehow never redundant, and always gripping question: “So, what are we going to do tomorrow, Brain?” to which Brain inevitably and indomitably responds, “The same thing we do every day, Pinky – try to take over the world!” The only difference is that Brain’s plans are momentous and monumental, albeit diabolical and totalitarianistic; conversely, the “same thing I do every day,” as Brain so poignantly put it, is sit lackadaisically in front of my computer screen, soaking in the platitudinous lifestyle I chose for myself this summer, while occasionally taking breaks to watch shamelessly trashy television shows such as “Elimidate” and “The 5th Wheel.” I am saturated with monotony; consumed by boredom; I cannot help but think that every day that I sit here, wasting my time on petty and meaningless computer games and TV shows, is another day of my tragically short life gone to waste.


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After you read this, yank the internet cord out of your computer, and go outside. Walk.

The first thing I'd reccomend is to clear you mind. The next, set a goal. Pinky and the Brain are interesting because of thier constant attempts to take over the world. You should try to develope a few personal quests. Maybe you want to climb a mountain, or find true love, or maybe you are prepared to search the world for Truth and Justice. Decide to go for something because you want to go for it, and disregrad all sense and logic, for just half an hour a day. Might you fail horrendously? Yes, repeatedly, but the journey may teach you more than the end....


I'm assuming your a reader, since you do go to this site. Read Theif in The Night by William Sears. If you are open, this book may very well change your life. Read it, and get back to me, and let me know if your summer still seems like a waste...