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Piling up like laundry. (1 Viewer)


I can picture this look all to well as I have 6 daughters whom have all partaken in this sharpie fashion show.
A friend of mine had three kids close in age. They decided to 'play makeup' with white-out and the littlest one had his eyelids glued together with the stuff. She was a little panicked looking for a skin-safe solvent for it.

I forgot to put out another word for the game!



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Twizzle as a "multirotational, one-foot turn that moves across the ice".*

*Thank you to the Wikipedia article about the ice dancing move called a "twizzle".

New word is: frank.


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Sure but that coal miner was supposed to be DAINTY. Now I really want to see that work.

Oh, I got the rules wrong again. I thought it was just the description of what the metaphor/simile was meant to convey. Trust me.

It was as dainty as a tap-dancing spider.

New word: Quiet.

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