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Piling up like laundry. (2 Viewers)


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A simile is not yellow with a mouth and two eyes; that is a smiley.

A simile is like a metaphor, but with the comparative word ‘like’ or ‘as’ added.

Put it another way, a metaphor is a simile without comparative words.
This is a simile thread.

‘Piling up like laundry’ is a simile I came across recently and thought, ‘nice’.
It is not one of those hackneyed, cliché, phrases Like ‘clean as a whistle’ or ‘as bright as a button.’
It is short and uncomplicated.
It is easily understood by almost everyone. Things to aim for.

So this is the game, I post a word and the next person decides whether to use ‘As’ or ‘like’, makes a simile using the word, and posts another word for the next person, simple, No?

BUT, remember this is not an exercise in remembering the ones used every day, MAKE UP SOMETHING.

Let’s start on a positive note,

First word ‘Happy’.
per OP

like a bottled message lost at sea for a lifetime.


Olly Buckle

It needs the 'like' or the 'as ....as' to make it a simile, Carmen. So,

Izzerly, sizzorly, slazzerly loo. Like I anticipate hearing from you. :)

As much of an emergency as suddenly needing the lavatory in the middle of a foreign train station where you don't speak the language.


Olly Buckle

interpret like a multilingual tour guide forgetting which group he is with and flipping in and out of languages.

As ceaselessly pounding as ...

And if you say the waves on a beach I shall... I don't know what i shall do, but it won't be nice Olly style. So there!

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