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Piling up like laundry. (1 Viewer)

Olly Buckle

A simile is not yellow with a mouth and two eyes; that is a smiley. :)
A simile is like a metaphor, but with the comparative word ‘like’ or ‘as’ added.

Put it another way, a metaphor is a simile without comparative words.
This is a simile thread.

‘Piling up like laundry’ is a simile I came across recently and thought, ‘nice’.
It is not one of those hackneyed, cliché, phrases Like ‘clean as a whistle’ or ‘as bright as a button.’
It is short and uncomplicated.
It is easily understood by almost everyone. Things to aim for.

So this is the game, I post a word and the next person decides whether to use ‘As’ or ‘like’, makes a simile using the word, and posts another word for the next person, simple, No?

BUT, remember this is not an exercise in remembering the ones used every day, MAKE UP SOMETHING.

Let’s start on a positive note,

First word ‘Happy’.


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hanging like a helium filled vivid tropical fish,
trailing just enough toothpick ballast.



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Sophoclean as a besmudged self-fulfilling fortune cookie slip tucked neatly between crisp edges



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single minded like a wearing point of graphite
determined to connect each-and-every dot,



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genuine as mountain spring quenching
upon the parched tongue and salted brow
of a traveler unaccustomed to
the effects of such elevations



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group hug like the aggregation of tumultuous
vapors granted the relief of greening fields



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mercurial like skyscraper skeletons
willing themselves
to flow back into the earth
from whence they came.



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inconsequential like the halted distinction
between individual items
on a single column
shopping list;
each word terminating in a period.