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Piggy Back on line Publishing (1 Viewer)


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I have read about piggy-back publishing. In short a successful author, for a 15% fee, places your book into his Amazon account. You get paid for the rest. What happens to the other incomes from links I can’t say. I am very interested because my book is finished. Being of an odd genre I have received responses that agents like the tale, but don’t really think they can use it within their sales model.

I have one publisher, in South Africa who has offered a basically decent % but the problem lies that South Africans are poor readers and a best seller is 3’000 books a year while the publisher won’t market overseas. My aim is for 10’000 + in three years, and I doubt that would happen locally. I have most of the interested people in other countries. Tourists, ex Zimbabweans and ex South Africans.

Amazon would be great (I am ready) but there are South African specific modalities that I really don’t like.

I am also very new to self-marketing. I know that I will get several hundred off the bat but that really won’t tick many boxes.

Has anyone got experience in this field?


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That piggyback thing sounds like a scam straight from the Nigerian Prince himself.
Hi Ralph, I have had no other feed back and from discussing with other authors in the UK it appears that the risks are horrendous and relies on a book good enough to go it alone. So you summation is on the money. A great idea with more holes than a colander.

Ralph Rotten

Staff member
There is another writing company on the job websites where they are trying to get writers to write a book that they will publish and sell the rights for a movie.
I believe this to be another scam...essentially a vanity press where they use a movie deal to distract you. I think they are called 4k something or other.