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Piers Anthony (1 Viewer)



I love his work. The Xanth series in particular is absolutely pun-ny!

(pardon the lame joke)


He writes a mix of science-fiction and fantasy with a totally humorous twist. I'd totally recommend it to any mercedes lackey fan

Dancer Preston

Senior Member
I'm reading Pet Peeve (yeah, about once a week, and in between my statistics book and social psych books) and I'm liking it a lot, even though if it's not the best example of literature. I would compare him to Terry Prachett--spec-fic with humor. Anyone read Firefly yet? I want to read that one so badly, but I can't find it...Is it out of print perhaps?

Anyway, I know this thread isn't for Mercedes Lackey, but would anyone reccommend her books to a Piers Anthony fan?


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I read his Incarnations of Immortality series, and am not sure why I went through them all. I found them to be poorly written and shallow. His attempts at humor were as unsuccessful as his attempts at seriousness. His female characters are such that I wonder if he has ever actually spoken to a real woman, or did he base them all them on the fantasies of teen age boys.



I remember liking his books when I was a kid - like in elementary school, but haven't read anything by him since then. I don't think that he would be my style of reading right now though.