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Philip Pullman's The Butterfly Tattoo Screenwriting Competition (1 Viewer)



Philip Pullman’s The Butterfly Tattoo Screenwriting Competition

Dynamic Entertainment DEH Ltd is looking for (aspiring) screenwriters who want to try their hand at a feature length adaptation of Philip Pullman’s The Butterfly Tattoo. We have optioned the rights to this modern day Shakespearean drama to produce a low budget independent feature film made by young artists.

If you are interested in becoming the screenwriter for this production, please e-mail the following to script[AT]tbtproject.com:
  • Your literary CV highlighting previous writing experience and any formal education or awards you have received.
  • A cover letter (max 750 words) to tell us why you feel you are best suited to draft this novel into a film and why you want us to pick you.
  • 12 pages of previous material to give us an example of your writing skills. This has to be original work you wrote on your own and should NOT be based on The Butterfly Tattoo.At least six of these pages should be in the standard screenplay format. In order for us to judge your skills best, make sure the 12 pages illustrate all of the following:
oDramatic story development
oCharacter development

We accept Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word documents. Based on the received submissions we will contact the writers we feel are best suited to write a treatment. Further procedures will be revealed if you are selected.

All submissions must be in by 1st February 2007.
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