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Philip Pullman (1 Viewer)


I'm sure a bunch of others have read Philip Pullman's material. I think it's brilliant and have read both 'His Dark Material's and 'The Sally Lockhart Series'.


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Yes, I do love Philip Pullman. Read "His Dark Materials" way back, but haven't read anything else by him. Was the Sally Lockhart series any good?


Yeah, I personally really enjoyed it. It may get a bit slow at times, but it's always followed by action and such.


I've read up on His Dark Materials recently, and while it sounds interesting, the overt and brutal anti-Christian slant really weighs heavily on what sounds like a good idea, IMHO. Although I am Christian, I have no problem -- and I mean, none -- with books that promote an atheist/agnostic/whatever worldview. While I may (quietly) disagree, I do believe that every writer must write what he conceives to be true. Still, I think Pullmann went a bit far there. Even if he really feels that strongly, I think he should have been a shade more subtle or chossen a setting other than fantasy to air his grievance. To his credit, he admitted as much in recent interviews.

I haven't heard much about his other works, though. Any good?
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I loved "his dark materials" They were a really enjoying read. I havent read any of his other stuff though, but i think he only writes very young childrens stuff but im not sure, ill have to look further into it i guess.


The HDM series defintley ranks in my top few books/series.

In the film of the first book (to be released soon this year) the really toned down the anti-religious part of the book - they removed it as 'the church' and I think it's more of an 'establishment'. In my opinion that is a mistake, because I hate it when people mess with story lines and stick in replacement matieral which often sucks (Harry Potter films infuriate me)

I haven't read any of his other material, I think it is mostly younger reader stuff. However, Lyra's Oxford and the Book of Dust (unreleased as yet) are both set in the HDM universe and I can't wait for the Book of Dust to come out.