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[Phantom Minds] Tale 2: The Red Sweater (1 Viewer)

Sebastian Darkwood

Senior Member
Author's Note:
A tale based on a campfire stories told to me when i was younger. Alas my memories made me wrote this and published it online where i left it for a year. A Weird Tales Magazine author was interested with this story and ask me to write more, if only I constantly online to check his pm, a year ago!



The following story took place in a girl’s dormitory in Siberia, Russia. Only a handful of people heard and know of this story. For now, it will be solely presented to you.

Once, there was a girl who entered a local high school in the cold winter of 1989. Olga was in the seventh grade and high school was all new to her. However, she was getting used to it eventually, the other way or another.

The only thing that she could not stand though was the weather.

Olga stayed in a dorm next to her school. She usually takes three hot baths a day due to the freezing temperature. One night, as Olga return late to her dorm, she straightaway went to the bathroom. She was hoping that after this warm bath, she would sleep much better despite the coldness.

As she bathes alone, all of a sudden there was movement outside the bathroom. Outside the bathroom was the long hallway which connected to the dorm. It was odd for someone to come here late this hour.

Maybe it was my imagination, Olga thought as no further sound was heard.

Unexpectedly, a strange voice echoes beside the bathroom.

“Red sweater…red sweater…get your red sweater…”

Olga listened, remembering about some rumors which someone had told her before.

“If there is someone selling red sweaters while you’re inside the dorm’s bathroom at night, you should never ever reply to it!” senior Elena once warned her.

At that moment, Olga was pretty skeptical and thought of it as a prank those seniors trying to pull up with. So without hesitation she replied from inside of the bathroom.

“I want one I want one!”

“Are you sure?” the voice asked.

“Of course!” Olga giggled, she was sure it was a prank.

“Then, I’ll give you…”

Olga waited, but nothing happened. There was no voice or even the sound of footsteps leaving. She shrugged and returned to her bathing session, forgetting what had happened.

After finishing her bath, she returns to her dorm and saw all of her roommates were sleeping soundly. As she recalled the bathroom incident, she felt somewhat odd. In the end, sleepiness engulfs her that she gave up thinking.

She wrap herself in her thick blanket and fell asleep.

The next day, as Olga’s roommate awakens and ready to school, they realize that Olga was still in bed, wrapped inside her blanket. Everyone felt odd.

Usually Olga was the one waking them up every day, but why she was still in bed?

Everybody went to her bed to wake her up but she was still sleeping. Then one of them removes the blanket from Olga, which then led to a terrifying scream.

Olga was drenched in blood from head to toe. The skins of her upper torso were gone, as if someone had skinned her from the neck down to her waist. What was left of her was her red muscles of meat.

It was as if she was wearing a red sweater.

It's coming down.
It's coming down.
It's coming down.
You lie on the floor.
She's slamming your door.
She's gone,
And she's wearing your red sweater.