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Peter Hamilton (1 Viewer)



So I've read most of his books, including Fallen Dragon, all six books in the Night's Dawn trilogy, and his latest, Pandora's Star.

I really think that he's a great author. Though I do believe that the Night Dawn's trilogy is far better than Pandora's Star.

Has anyone else read him?



so no one has read peter hamilton's books.




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crzywriter said:
...all six books in the Night's Dawn trilogy...

I'll never get the hang of this Lit Math.

Okay, so any chance you could sell me on starting this Night's Dawn, in a non-spoilerish kind of way?

John Quixote


Ahhh, Peter F Hamilton (as he is known in these parts) is the sole reason I got back into reading sci-fi after a break of many years.

The Night's Dawn series is a trilogy in the UK, but each book was split into two for its North American release - for marketing purposes, presumably.

What attracted me to the first book was its title: The Reality Dysfunction. Without spoiling the big reveal partway through this volume, I can say that it made me uneasy. And then I accepted it, and went on to devour all 3 books - 3000+ pages in total - in just over three weeks.

Hamilton specialises in action set-pieces that seem to go on forever, and will actually make you sweat. He creates believable future worlds and populates them with unforgettable characters engaged in genuinely intriguing scenarios. Despite the chaos and fear that overtakes many of his future societies, you still feel it would be great to go and live there.

'Pandora's Star' was similarly excellent, although Hamilton's habit of involving you in a story thread and then switching to another one for fifty or a hundred pages continues to irritate. Cannot wait for the concluding volume, 'Judas Unchained' - out when? AmazonUK says October 7th 2005. Grrr.

Incidentally, his first 3 books, the Greg Mandel trilogy, are excellent as well.


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Several years ago, I read the Mandel trilogy. More recently, I picked them up, and...shuddered.

That man has the worst opening sentences I have read in a long, long time.


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I tried to get into The Reality Dysfunction but couldn't. Shame, I really thought it was something I'd enjoy, and the thought of 3 volumes of 1000+ words was mouth-watering. Stuck with it for maybe 150 pages, but it didn't grip me.