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Peter F Hamilton (1 Viewer)


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Has anyone else read the Nights Dawn Trilogy by Peter F Hamilton.
I first read these books about ten years ago now, and still find them entertaing. Have now just finished Judas Unchained his latest and looking forward to the void trilogy...anyone else a fan?


I have read the frist half of the Nights Dawn trilogy, the first book was great loved it especially that Joshua Calvert kid, but it seems to take a mighty nose dive around about 100 pages into the second book, I could never manage to stick it out and finish it.

red lantern

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I love his stuff, Judas Unchained was awesome and so was Fallen Dragon, he has something new out but I don't know what its called but surprise surprise their is a huge and very cool looking spaceship on the front cover


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"Meteorites fell through the night sky like a gentle sleet of icefire, their sharp scintillations slashing ebony overload streaks across the image Gregor Mandel's photon amp was feeding into his optical nerves."
- Peter F Hamilton, Mindstar Rising

I can't bring myself to attempt any of his post-Mindstar trilogy work. I don't want to drown in purple paint. A real mix in terms of both content and writing style...